Geopark adventures in Åkrafjorden

Here, you can explore
a unique landscape shaped by millennia,
where glaciers, mountains, and archipelagos
tell a story of the Earth’s ancient past.


Explore Åkrafjorden's geological marvels at Sunnhordland UNESCO Geopark. Discover Jettegrytene and ascend Jettegrytnuten for panoramic views.

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Discover panoramic views on a Langfossen summit hike, embracing fjord, mountain, and Folgefonna glacier vistas.

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Where to stay

Åkrafjorden is the perfect destination for explorers seeking both luxury and tranquility. Offering a range of accommodations from high-end to cozy, it’s a place where guests can enjoy stunning scenery and fresh, clean air. Ideal for those looking for either a lavish escape or a quiet, simple haven.

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Questions and Answers

What is Langfoss known for?

Langfoss is renowned for being one of Norway's tallest and most breathtaking waterfalls, cascading from a height of 612 meters down into the Åkrafjorden.

What are Jettegrytene?

Jettegrytene are natural potholes formed by swirling water currents during the last ice age, creating impressive geological formations in the Rullestadjuvet gorge.

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