A greener tomorrow

Small acts of eco-care shape our days—from local produce on your plate to the energy-saving designs of our hideaways. We’re committed to preserving the fjord’s purity for adventurers of today and tomorrow.

We aim to integrate eco-friendly practices across all aspects of our destination, from energy-efficient accommodations to promoting low-impact activities. Our commitment to sustainability is not just about preserving the environment but also about ensuring that our local community thrives.

Discovery route

Established in the 1880s when travelers came by horse and carriage, to experience this spectacular landscape of mountains, glaciers, crystal clear rivers, roaring waterfalls, and pristine fjords.

Today we guide and transport you with our zero emmision vehicle, to give you the most sustainable journey!

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We're proud to hold certifications as a "Bærekraftig reisemål" (Sustainable Destination) and "Eco-Lighthouse," reflecting our dedication to promoting sustainable tourism practices.

As a Sustainable Destination, Åkrafjorden adheres to strict criteria focusing on environmental, social, and economic sustainability. From reducing our carbon footprint to preserving local culture and supporting the well-being of our community, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment while providing enriching experiences for visitors.

Our Eco-Lighthouse certification further demonstrates our commitment to sustainability by implementing eco-friendly initiatives and practices in our operations. From waste reduction and energy efficiency to promoting eco-conscious behaviors among guests and staff, we're continuously working towards minimizing our environmental footprint and contributing to a more sustainable future.

When you visit Åkrafjorden, you can rest assured that your travel experiences align with principles of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

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